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or vehicle of similar class

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Unlimited kilometres
Free cancellation within 5 days
Home delivery
RCA insurance
GPS safety sensor
Return by 10:00 am
Pets allowed on request*

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General conditions


Terms on return

The final price always includes return by 10:00 am on the last rental day. You can also return after this time by paying 1 extra day of rental at the counter of our store or online. (The active rate during the rental period will be calculated).

Subject to availability! We do not guarantee availability for delivery after 10:00 am if delivery outside the scheduled time is not booked at least 5 days in advance or online.


Mandatory requirements

At the time of collection you will need:

*All drivers must be aged between 21 and 75 and must hold the licenses requested at the time of booking.

 - Costabilerent

GPS Security

On the vehicle

This vehicle is equipped with a GPS security system connected with the police stations on the island to protect our and your safety.

it is strictly forbidden:

Thanks to GPS and surveillance available throughout the island of Ischia you will be immediately identified and punished by law.

 - Costabilerent

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The cost for just 1 day rental may have additional costs and it can be different depending on the period.

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 - Costabilerent

Do you want a custom quote?

If you want you can also ask us for a personalized quote instead of booking directly.

Costabilerent Rental Conditions

The rental of vehicles by the CostabileRent company (hereinafter, the “Landlord”) is governed by these general rental conditions, including the information on privacy (hereinafter, the “GENERAL RENTAL CONDITIONS”), the letter/ rental contract signed by the customer (hereinafter, the “Customer”) at the time of rental, viewed by the Customer, who declares to have taken full and complete knowledge of it (hereinafter, collectively, the “contractual documentation” or the “contract” ).


The driver of the Vehicle undertakes not to provide false information regarding his/her personal data and the possession of all the requirements for driving qualification. Rental without driver and without petrol. The rental ends by 10.00 am the following day. After this time an extra day is calculated. It is imperative to transfer the vehicle to the continent. Traffic is only on the island of Ischia. The Customer must be at least 21 years old and have a driving license issued for at least two years. Customers of European nationality must have an A+B driving license to drive the scooters. Customers of non-European nationality must have an International Driving License + A+B Driving License to drive scooters. All driving licenses must always be accompanied by a valid identity document.

To collect the car and sign the contract, the Customer is required to present a credit card in his name. Payment for the rental is made with credit cards in your name. Payment for the rental is made by credit card or cash. Visa and MasterCard credit cards accepted. The customer by providing credit card details (PAN Card, CVV2 or CVC2, name and surname of the holder and expiry date), authorizes the Lessor to charge you the fees all due as a result of the rental.


The Customer undertakes to respect road signs and in particular to avoid driving and parking in prohibited areas. If this does not happen, the lessor has expressly authorized, pursuant to art. 1 of these general conditions, to charge the amount to the credit card provided by the customer at the time of signing the contract. In the event of an inadequate credit card, the landlord will notify the customer by registered mail with return receipt. which will also have the value of formal notice. In case of non-payment, the lessor will contact the competent judicial authority, for full satisfaction of the amount due and the legal costs will be borne by the customer. In case of notification of tax bills for non-payment of fines committed for violation of the Highway Code, the Lessor will charge the Customer the amount of the bills, in addition to the administrative costs of managing the case.
Upon the occurrence of the cases referred to in the previous points and in order to exclude any liability, the Lessor will have the right to promptly produce to the competent Authorities the Registers and Documents certifying the identity of the User of the Vehicle at the time of the dispute. .

The Customer expressly authorizes the lessor to charge the Card presented at the time of signing the contract for all expenses NOT known or relating to damage, theft, hospitalization costs, car washes, tire punctures, lost keys, helmets, breakage of car or scooter accessories also for compensatory sanctions, fines, management costs, vehicle restoration costs,

if returned at the end of the rental with indelible stains and/or burns, costs for disposing of objects abandoned on the vehicle by the customer and all other rental fees, the customer is required to reimburse the value and what will result after the conclusion of the rental contract . The customer undertakes to use the vehicle correctly and diligently and will be responsible for any damage caused to it. In the event of a breakdown, the customer will contact Costabilerent Assistance customer service for assistance and/or possible replacement of the vehicle.


CostabileRent vehicle insurance includes civil liability towards third parties (RCA), as required by the law in force in the country of registration of the car. The Customer also assumes all risks inherent or even connected to the theft or robbery of the vehicle, aware that he is solely responsible for its custody and circulation, having use and possession of it, he is responsible for the repair costs. such as scooter accidental drops, scratches, breakages and other damage to the vehicle. The Customer is required to immediately notify CostabileRent car rental of any road accident or damage caused directly or indirectly by immediately contacting the telephone numbers attached to the contract and not to remove the vehicles. The Customer undertakes not to issue declarations of responsibility and/or uncertainties regarding the dynamics of the accident in any case or circumstance. The Customer also undertakes to collaborate fully with the Lessor and its insurers in all disputes arising from the use of the rented vehicle. Failure to comply with this OBLIGATION burdens the lease holder, assuming all civil, criminal and economic liability. In any case, if the circulation of the vehicle is prohibited for reasons directly or indirectly attributable to the Customer, the Customer will continue to pay the rental until the normal authorization for circulation of the vehicle is restored. The Customer is also responsible for the consequences of violations of the law relating to the circulation of rented vehicles.

ADDITIONAL INSURANCE: EURO 10.00 per day for scooters with a deductible of Euro 500.00 and EURO 10.00 per day for cars with a deductible of Euro 700.00.


In order to protect CostabileRent from the risk of theft or fraud, our vehicles are equipped with satellite devices (GPS or similar) capable of detecting the position of the vehicle itself, its speed and driving behavior, tracing its position. CostabileRent reserves the right to communicate, if necessary, such data to judicial authorities, insurance companies, law firms, entities that provide services for the management of the information system used and telecommunications networks, companies in charge of managing vehicle geolocation services. and companies specialized in the prevention and management of thefts and accidents and to use and use the contents for any action for their own protection.


The Customer undertakes to look after and use the Vehicle with the utmost care and diligence, respecting the destination and characteristics indicated in the registration certificate and within the limits established by law, as well as not to sublet or rent the Vehicle; do not entrust the driving of the Vehicle to anyone other than those authorized in the rental contract/letter; do not perform any repair work on the rented person. Furthermore, the vehicle cannot be driven under the influence of alcoholic or narcotic substances, in a state of unconsciousness, in abnormal psychophysical conditions/or in conflict with the rules of the Highway Code or with the art. 1176 of the Civil Code. Under penalty of total responsibility of the customer.

The vehicle must be used according to the principle of the good father of the family and cannot be used for:

  1. The illegal transport of goods (contraband, narcotics, dangerous goods, etc. etc.)
  2. Paid passenger transport expressly or tacitly agreed.
  3. Illegal purposes, for speed races or track tests or competitions of any kind.
  4. Purpose of sublease and/or careless assignment to third parties or for any reason.

The Customer undertakes not to transfer, sell, mortgage or pledge the vehicle, tools, equipment and any other part of it and in any case not to act in conflict with the right of ownership of the vehicle rented by Costabilerent.


The Customer is required to return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel present at the beginning of the rental. If the customer returns the vehicle with more fuel, CostabileRent is not required to refund the petrol.


CostabileRent Rental car will in no case be responsible for the loss of objects that the customer or third parties may have left or loaded on the vehicles, during the rental period or after returning the vehicle.


Pursuant to art. 1456 cc, the Lessor reserves the right to terminate the rental contract in the following cases: when the Customer has caused serious damage to the vehicle such as to preclude its safety; when the cost of repairing damage to the vehicle, at the discretion of the Lessor, is equal to or greater than 50% of its commercial value; when the Customer has violated even one of the clauses of the rental letter/contract and these general conditions.


The rental contract signed by the parties is governed exclusively by Italian law. Any legal dispute arising from the validity, interpretation, execution or termination of this contract will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Ischia.


If one of the provisions of the contract/rental letter and these general conditions is deemed null or ineffective, in whole or in part, the same will be erroneously applied and the contract will remain valid and effective for the other provisions.

In case of conflict in the interpretation of the two versions of this contract letter, the Italian version will prevail over the English one.